Spirit and Vision

We created a professional and impactful website for the B2B Advertising Agency Pravda. The website represents the spirit, vision and team behind Pravda. It showcases key case studies and shares industry insights through articles and downloads.

Pravda was born in Denmark and raised in the international B2B marketplace build B2B brands to gain new positions in the market.

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The website reflects Pravda’s commitment to branding, design and B2B marketing in both tone of voice and visual design.

Modular Design.

Using a modular design and development approach, the site allowed editors to build and manage both site infrastructure and the layout of the specific pages. Each module accomplished one specific goal. The modules could be used by itself or in conjunction with any other modules. This allowed us to a create a site that is flexible and robust at the same time.
“I don’t think I have ever seen a site developed so beautifully and with such respect for the design”

— Hannah, Pravda

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