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Empirical Spirits

Shopify site for a pioneering and innovative spirits company

Founded by two former employees of the influential and acclaimed noma restaurant and Nordic Food Lab, Empirical Spirits manufacture distilled spirits with innovative flavors.

Empirical reached out to us and wanted to create a Shopify website that would sell their spirits and educate people on their innovative craft distillation and pioneering flavors. 

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Empirical had a site that was hard to update and not fully integrated with Shopify. That made it challenging to use apps, edit and launch new products. 
We created the site in pure Shopify, and besides greatly enhancing the overall shopping experience, we made it possible to create new pages and campaigns effortlessly using custom sections and blocks. 
The team can now launch its innovative products and campaigns fast. And the simplification of the design and removing friction for customers leads to more sales.
The Empirical team ended up with a site they feel fits the company and its products well. They like how flexible, easy to maintain and easy to use it is. They can now focus on creating great content, inviting customers to take a look around and see what Empirical has to offer. As for the SEO, Empirical found that Google is at least partly using schema markup for product details pages, so that was a win for them (and seems to be something of a trend).

The best eCommerce website designs are clean and simple, focusing the user on what they came to do: find the right product. Empirical has done just that with their new site, so we're very pleased with how this project turned out!
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