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Elizabeth Eakins

Creating a digital home with nature as the starting point

Beloved for their richness, simplicity, and ease of use, the sophisticated colors of Elizabeth Eakins rugs, fabrics, and grasscloth wallpapers evoke the phenomenon of natural light gracing an organic form.

Koalition was tasked with designing and building a brand new website for Elizabeth Eakins and her incredible collection of natural rugs and textile design. 

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Elizabeth Eakins's collection of handcrafted rugs is comprised of over six hundred pieces. Elizabeth wanted a website that would convey her attention to detail and high-quality craftwork.
We designed a site that has a clean and modern look and showcases the rugs in their best light. Using the latest in image compression technology and highly optimized code, we were able to showcase hundreds of rugs quickly and deliver an incredibly smooth user experience.
When launched, Elizabeth Eakins had a site that was the perfect showcase for the fantastic work and an easy way for customers to book appointments to the various showrooms and increase sales.
Our client had a very specific vision in mind for her project and we were able to work with her to create exactly what she wanted. The finished product was amazing and we couldn’t be happier.
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