United Nations

Sustainable peace by supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment .

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Peace Building Fund works for sustainable peace by supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

In the past submissions were sent by email which proved to be ineffective.

Koalition gave UN a more effective way to ensure that applicants met the criteria set by the fund and a better way for their team to review submitted applications.

The Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative.

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Together with the PBF team we built a site where applicants could easily get all the necessary information, and submit their proposals. The challenge for us was to ensure fast delivery of content and ensuring that the submissions were validated through the tool and doing this using web technology that is available in the target demographics area. We’re very proud to be working with an organization like the UN.

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Cristobal Balenciaga

José Manuel Ballester

Digital museum exhibit experience

Inside Shapes

Inside Shapes

A creative tool for dynamic environments

Creative Exchange Agency

Creative Exchange Agency

Interdisciplinary artist management