Creative Exchange Agency

Interdisciplinary artist management

Creative Exchange Agency is representing some of Koalition’s favourite photographers, artists, film directors, fashion designers and creative directors.

We are honored to have developed & designed a new flexible portfolio worthy of all this amazing work.

Creative Exchange Agency is an interdisciplinary artist management, production and creative content agency that cultivates the intersection of art, culture and commerce into captivating campaigns and immersive brand experiences.

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We have been receiving the most incredibly positive reactions by some of the most well
established creatives & clients globally”

Steven, Creative Exchange Agency

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VICE — Genderless Voice

VICE — Genderless Voice

Meet Q. The worlds first genderless voice

Nars Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics

Adding the X Factor to NARS' Digital Experiences

Hus Forbi

Hus Forbi

Making the homeless heard with stories from the street