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Shopify site for the World's leading supplier of Japanese green tea

Experience The Modern Ritual

ITO EN is the world's leading supplier of pure, authentically brewed Japanese green tea.

Koalition  partnered with branding agency ClarkMcDowall to help develop and design a dynamic e-commerce website. We blended content with visual stimulation and interactivity to create an engaging visually compelling shopping experience.

ITO EN was looking to enhance their online presence and give it a much needed visual and technical overhaul. They wanted to better present their products, increase sales and drive users to sign up for a new subscription model. a

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ITO EN had a user-unfriendly e-commerce store that was performing poorly with a design that was not looking “on brand”. 
We created a beautiful site with a great visual hierarchy, simplified the user experience, and created an easy-to-use checkout flow that allows the customer to purchase their items with minimal effort.
By being conversion-focused and adding options like tea subscriptions and engaging story-driven pages sales and brand awareness went up.
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