Part 2 Pictures

Stories Through A Human Lens

Part 2 Pictures is a full service production company from development to delivery with a focus on high-end, human-driven storytelling across a range of genres and platforms.

Together with Norgram and in close collaboration with Part 2, we designed and built a website with the same high quality as their work.

Long press Activate Menu

On the part 2 website we introduced a special “long press” activated menu. You can trigger the menu by holding down your mouse button or a long press on your smartphone.... cool right?
It is adding these innovative little details that makes the world go around!

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At some point you just sit back and watch it with deep appreciation and wonder at the process of everything creative. So, thank you again for the great work and superb outcome

— David, CEO Part2 Pictures

I just wanted to write to say thank you for creating a completely new, completely elevated website for us that finally feels in line with the company we are. It is a joy to look at, to use, and to share. It has already gotten a great response

— David, CEO Part2 Pictures

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