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Cristobal Balenciaga

Digital museum exhibit experience

Honoring an icon of design.

Digital museum exhibit experience

With a career spanning over fifty years, Cristobal Balenciaga left an indelible footprint in the history of fashion and haute couture. The Basque-born designer, with a reputation for perfectionism and never sketching the garments he created is now celebrated through a thoroughly crafted interactive virtual tour, one that is almost as perfectionist as the man himself.

This exhibition is guaranteed to raise some eyebrows through its unique browsing experience and effective storytelling of one of the most distinguished names in fashion. Showcasing exclusive historical material with a twist of chic, this collection transports us to the glamour of the 60's.

Basque for museum, the "Museoa" website has been awarded several times with "site of the day", to which we raise our glasses saying "animo!"

Seamlessly blending the elegance and grace of the sixties with modern design, Cristobal Balenciaga Museoa compiles a lifetime of work that tell the story of not only the brand, but its creator and his personal story. Unraveling deep and rich heritage the company lives by today carrying the torch into the future.

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The visitor of the Museoa is invited to closely appreciate the collection of garments through a powerful interactive library that calls to enjoy the design process that sets a standard of the time and challenges to redefine elegance.

With testimonials from the people who knew him best and witnessed his work, the Museoa pays homage channeling the timeless art from one of the brightest stars of his time, bringing an intimate view of the coveted image that Balenciaga was able to provoque in the mind of people through his designs.

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