Ao Vodka

Ao is the Japanese word for blue.

Ao Vodka is made in the Osumi Peninsula on Kyushu Island in Japan, and distilled from a base of rice.

Koalition crafted a site packed with zen for Japanese company Suntory. We empathized on colors, fluid motion and saturation transitions.

It has all the bells and whistles of a beverage product site including faqs, recipes and product finder.

We translated AO Vodkas tagline Simplicity, Refinement, and Subtle Complexity into a website. Through scenic landscapes from Kyushu island, we take the user on a journey through the art of making one of the finest Japanese vodkas.

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Since AO is a Japanese word for blue it was obvious to play with color. As the user scrolls the images colors changes, scenes animate and mountains ambiently moves.

Vodka enthusiasts can learn more about this brand using the comprehensive FAQ section, browse through the cocktail recipe book or find the nearest vendor through the full integration of Google Maps.

The name Ao is the Japanese word for “blue,” and is also used to refer to the various shades of green found in the country’s rice paddy fields.

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