Yay! Rainbows!

May 3, 2021

Oatmilk. Where did that new stupid alt-dairy fad suddenly come from?

Well, it’s in my latté now. Delicious. The foam neatly shaped as an unfortunate heart pierced with an arrow. A nice creative sprinkle to brighten a grey rainy day.

I detect a little pride in the Barista’s understated smile.

Creativity can make chores more enjoyable. Make us more happy. It can also consume us if it becomes a chore.

The door slams open knocking down flyers from the bulletin board. It’s an unusually slow day for this popular Brooklyn café. I only count four patrons. We all synchronously turn heads as a tiny toddler stomps in.

–– “YAY! rainbows!!” she blares out at a defenseless donut.

A huge smile reveals a former residence for an evicted baby tooth. That pure joy is so heavily and heavenly condensed. It inflicts severe contentment on all of us.

She is handed the colorful small cake of sweetened dough. She carefully breaks it into two million minuscule pieces.

With each little precious bite she howls


Had she been an adult she would have been committed to the nearest asylum.

We lose so much more than our baby teeth when we become adults.

Let this be the year we restore the excitement for the small things in life. Let’s focus on the creative little details that can brighten the day for ourselves and co-humans. Let’s create more laughs and let’s laugh more in-between.

Happy New Year from Koalition!

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