Defining the Core Capability of a Digital Studio

Andreas Wagner
Managing Director

Defining the Core Capability of a Digital Studio

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For a company that roams the vast fields of digital production, it’s not always an easy question to reap. It tends to get really broad because digital media is ever evolving and encompasses so many things.

We are aware of the one thing we do consistently and successfully — and that is to deliver digital solutions to clients that attract new customers and engage existing ones. But getting more detailed than that is a difficult approach for a digital studio like Koalition.

We recently built a social media fueled campaign for VICE magazine. Today, Facebook is the primary news source for millennials. That fact inspired Vice Denmark to create the campaign #likewhatyouhate. The campaign focuses on making our Facebook feeds more balanced. It exposes us to a more nuanced feed by breaking us out of our little echo chambers. With a strong focus on video, youth and interactivity, the site analyzes your Facebook likes and presents you with alternatives to create a more balanced feed.

But does that mean our main specialty is in social media? Well, yes sorta, but not exactly. We recommend and choose the digital platforms that fit the project too.

We developed software for big screens placed in Selfridges department store that revealed a Stella McCartney perfume whenever a person strolled by.

Did we become a motion tracking software company after this? No, not entirely. And I don’t think that kind of specialized company even really existed then. The Xbox Kinect was a new technology and we had to learn a new technology faster than cookie monster eats cookies.

But our experience with technology and how it behaves gave us a head start. Only two displays were lost in the ensuing battle due to an embarrassing mixup of US/UK voltage, but other than that it was a triumph.

Unless you distill the digital process down to its essence, it would be difficult to precisely define our main core skill. But all good digital solutions do need a critical foundation that does not care that much about what technology is being used. It does not care about yet another new Javascript framework or the latest tech trend. A successful product always requires conceptualizing, planning, research and then focused execution. It requires that solid understanding of digital production processes that we have acquired through many years of experience. Adapting to a specific platform or a new technology is secondary.

No matter if the end-product is a website, e-commerce platform, rich media banner, app, billboard or any other end product our core capability is summed up in our mission statement:

“We work with brands and agencies to craft innovative digital experiences to tell impactful and enduring stories.”