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Koalition’s Jumpstarter™ plan you will get an enduring website that gets’s you to market fast and unlocks your potential.

Startup challenges in the digital space

Despite these obstacles, startups can establish a robust digital presence by taking a strategic and data-driven approach to their digital marketing efforts. By conducting thorough research and analysis, testing different strategies, and continuously iterating on their approach, startups can effectively reach and engage their target audience in the digital space.


One of the biggest challenges for startups is having limited resources, which can make it difficult to create a high-quality website. Startups often have to prioritize which features and functionalities are most important for their website and allocate their budget accordingly.

Tech & design

Most startups do not have a dedicated team of technical experts to develop and maintain their website. As a result, they may struggle to find the right tools and resources to build a professional-looking website.

Search Engine

Startups must also consider search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that their website appears in search results and attracts organic traffic. SEO involves optimizing website content and structure for search


Poor user experience can discourage visitors from returning, resulting in lost business. Startups must prioritize user experience and ensure that their website is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and provides the information visitors are looking for.

The Right

Startups must choose the right platform for their website, based on their needs, goals, and budget. There are various website builders and content management systems available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.


Through workshops, we'll gather intel on your business, market, and goals.


Every site needs a blueprint. Together we'll organize, wireframe and sketch.

Jumpstarter Journey™

A collaborative approach to design and development ensures requirements are fulfilled, and visions are realized.


Based on our blueprint, you will collect, organize, edit, and deliver content.


We will create comprehensive layouts with possible design directions.


We'll create a working version of the site with architecture, content, and design elements.


We'll go through the final few rounds of revisions and polish.

We strive to create meaningful solutions that meet your goals. Book a meeting with us to and let us know your challanges.


Warranty —
Your site is now live! Our team will train you to manage the website and provide support.


Growth —
With our optional retainer packs, we optimize your site so it’s always the best it can be!

Select cases

The Scandinavian design School

The Scandinavian Design College is a boarding school focusing on readying students for the many design-oriented degrees available and we created the perfect site for Hatching a new generation of Scandinavian designers

Part 2 Pictures Website

Part 2 Pictures is a production company with a focus on high-end, human-driven storytelling across a range of genres and platforms. We designed and built a website with the same high quality as their work.

Phosphene VFX Website

In close collaboration with Phosphene, we designed and built a Award winning website for award winning visual effects. This site puts the work of Phosphene front and center, showcasing the amazing worlds they bring to life.

“Koalition created a completely new, completely elevated website for us that finally feels in line with the company we are.”

David Shadrack Smith, CEO, Part2 Pictures

Our cheat code is low-code

Meep, Meep! Velocity is crucial in today's marketing and that’s where a little something called WebFlow comes in. It’s a platform that allows us to get our creative juices flowing and develop a site fast without compromising on designs. We are experienced and certified Webflow magicians and use best practices to ensure your website is fast, SEO optimized, responsive, and secure so you can focus on achieving your business goals. You will be able to launch new campaigns faster, optimize the site on the fly, and connect to your key marketing tools.


One of our favorite steps in the the digital production process is the final one! We love that fuzzy and satisfying feeling when we get recognized for all of the hard work put into a project. The following are some of the award recognitions our projects have received:

Cannes Lions
CSS Design Awards
The Webby Awards