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VICE – Like What You Hate

Your feed is a bubble. Together with VICE we devised a Facebook app to fix that. 

Your feed is a bubble. Fix it.

Vice is a print magazine and website focused on arts, culture, and news topics. 

We created a campaign site that analyzes your Facebook-bubble and guides you through restoring the balance in your feed.

Sixty one percent of millennials use Facebook as their main source of news - but Facebook is an echo chamber, or filter bubble, that prevents us from being confronted with news and opinions we don't agree with.

In order to balance out the bias in our Facebook feed we need to like pages and people that we don’t agree with - or possibly hate.

Facebook is the primary news source for millennials. That fact inspired Vice to create the campaign #likewhatyouhate.
The campaign focuses on making our Facebook feeds more balanced. It exposes us to a more nuanced feed by breaking us out of our little echo chambers.

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A Balanced Facebook

Modern algorithms are shrinking our world view ౼ showing us stories, posts and sites that align with what we like and shield us from diverse viewpoints.

Vice’s Like What You Hate campaign not only exposes us to various pages, politics and perspectives, but it immerses us in a digital world filled with everything we “hate.” As we like what we hate, it forces us to see another side of the story.

With a strong focus on video, youth and interactivity, the site analyzes your Facebook likes and presents you with alternatives to create a more balanced feed. Once your feed is fully balanced, you can share the page to help your friends attain balance as well.

“Everybody’s listening to people who already agree with them”

— Barack Obama

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