Asana Task Management

Creating a task in Asana

  1. Click the + in the Backlog column to add a task.
  2. Give a brief name to your ticket, e.g., “Search Filter bug” or “Calendly Integration.”
  3. Provide a description of the bug you are seeing or additional functionality you want us to create. Try to be as detailed as possible about how this would help solve your pains and your requirements.

    If you have any attachments you want to share e.g. a mock-up of the feature you’re requesting or a screenshot, then add an attachment here.
  4. Assign a priority level. How urgent is this?
  5. Click submit and that's it! Our producer will review and assign the task appropriately.

Asana Column Keys

A producer is should review these pending tasks and ensure they are in the proper format with the proper context.

Tasks in this column are assigned to the appropriate person and are ready to be started.

Tasks have been started and are currently being worked on

Ready For Review
Tasks are ready for review internally and then externally

The tasks are done, and we can party! These are tasks that have been completed and are ready for a final review. Once approved, they should be marked as completed using the "Mark Complete" option on the Asana task.

Note: The assignee on any given task is responsible for moving that task to the appropriate column and/or assigning the task back to the original assigner for review or additional context.

Asana Status Dropdown

This task has been assigned and is ready to go!

This task is currently being worked on

Needs Clarification

The task needs clarification from the person assigned to the ticket by the person that has a question

Needs Estimate
This task needs an hour's estimate

Out of scope
This task is out of the project scope and needs a review

Ready for Internal Review
This is ready to be internally reviewed before being assigned to the client review.

Ready for Client Review
The client can approve and mark it as Done or move back into Todo with comments.

Client Approved
The task is done!