Tip: Twitter scheduling from Slack

May 11, 2021

We love scheduling social media posts. Mainly because focusing on social media content one day a week is just more efficient than sporadically posting! 

Buffer and Hootsuite has been our primary tool for social media scheduling, but we find ourselves using it less and less since the Instagram Creator Studio was released. Instagram Creator Studio is free, and made by Facebook to schedule post on both their platform. So that takes care of those two Platforms but still leaves us having to pay $96587463521/monthly to schedule our Tweets.

Not Anymore!

Meet Zapier and MessageThemLater !

With Zapier you can set up a flow that posts to Twitter from a Slack channel. That is in it self a pretty nifty thing since we are pretty much hanging out on Slack all day. But it gets craaaaazay when you throw MessageThemLater into the mix. This is a tool graciously provided by the very good people at AE Studio for free!

After you have installed the MessageThemLater Slack integration you can schedule posts to the #slackchannel where you told Zapier to use for Tweets! 

Fancy? Yes it it is!

And the icing on the cake is that you can get a list of all the scheduled tweets and edit time and content. Pheew, so exited and need to breathe! ! 

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