May 3, 2021

I have not yet spotted any balding eagles here in Brooklyn. High rents must have forced them upstate. But they do occasionally pop up in New York City.

This massive bird is said to be able to spot potential dinner 2 miles away. It requires at least the same intense focus that we give our clients to scoop up a defenseless rabbit from that distance.

In our pursuit to make sure our partners succeed, we tend to forget that Koalition is a business too. And if the Eagle does not clean its feathers, it will eventually crash into a NYC sanitation truck.

We have only gently dabbled with our own business development. Sorta like how my son pokes a piece of broccoli on his plate. Word of mouth has made Koalition magically flourish without much of it.

But Koalition is growing. The nest is getting more packed. Our full stack developers need code to write.

In order to learn business development I have been ploughing through countless articles, books and podcasts on the subject.

There seems to be one eagle eye opening conclusion. A simple flight path to success. One that everyone can do. Even me with a design background.


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