The big ol' massive Koalition project index with pretty much everything we have done





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Helping Anthony Thomas Melillo with an e-shop that fits perfectly
Addifab Website
Boosting Addifab's online presence
A home for the Stella McCartney's Collection
Ao Vodka
Introducing a new Japanese drink
Corona Facebook App
Deliver a beer to your facebook friend
Creative Exchange Agency
Interdisciplinary artist management
Cristobal Balenciaga
Digital museum exhibit
Taking street life to the absolute limit
Elevation Barn Website
Elizabeth Eakins
Creating a digital home with nature as the starting point
Empirical Spirits
Pioneering and innovative spirits
Genderless Voice
Interactive installation at The Smithsonian
George of The Jungle Website
George of The Jungle Website for Cartoon Network
Heavy Website
Site for a Danish Agency
Hus Forbi
Making the homeless heard with stories from the street
World's leading supplier of Japanese green tea
Inside Shapes
A creative tool for dynamic environments
José Manuel Ballester
Digital museum exhibit
Kate Spade Saturday
We helped Kate Spade make Saturday better than Tuesday
Kevyn Aucoin
A visionary collection of cosmetics
Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier. A web tool to find your match
Michael Kors Installation at Macy’s
Video Installation at Macy’s
NARS Lip Glide Mixer
NARS Man Ray
NARS Narsissist
Nars Cosmetics
Adding the X Factor to NARS' Digital Experiences
Parker Virtual Booth
Part 2 Pictures
Stories Through A Human Lens
Award winning website for award winning visual effects
Home of business brands‍
Team building with apps
Digital Intelligence Music Platform
Scandinavian Design College
Hatching a new generation of Scandinavian designers
Breakfast site for champions
Stuart Weitzman
Instagram aggregating in style
Syngin Website
Eko + BuzzFeed Storydriven Videos
Terre d'Hermès
Create your own kaleidoscope with our mobile app
The Dirty Protest
A petition against shit in our ocean signed with shit from our ocean.
True Religion Digital Ads
United Nations
UN Peace Building FundSustain peace by supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment.
VICE – Like What You Hate
Facebook app to fix the feed bubble 
Verizon AR
The untold story of reconnecting New York City
Visit Scandinavia
Online promotion for Scandinavia
Vow to end child marriage
Vow to end child marriage. Every girl should decide if, when and whom to marry
Walmart Baby Gift Finder
Baby Gift Finder for Walmart