NARS Velvet Lip Glide Music Mixer

NARS Cosmetics was looking for a funky, interactive experience to promote their new selection of lip glides. Koalition was asked to develop a way for customers to explore these new colors and share their favorites with friends.

We created a spinning record and leading-edge 13 audio track mixer representing each Lip Glide color. As a color is selected, the corresponding audio track is turned on and a unique gradient based on the selected color is displayed on the record. Each color represents one product image, also displayed when selected.

When sharing a unique version of the mix and color selection, an image is dynamically generated and link + audio tracks are saved for sharing. When a friend clicks on email or social media links, they are lead to the unique experience with the preselected colors. In this state, there is a CTA to generate your own track.

This app was launched globally and translated into 8 languages.